Athens is a city that

In the center of this city,

the First Greek Evangelical Church has borne witness to Christ for more than 150 years, together with other churches, trying to bring healing to some of these wounds and trying to respond to some of these opportunities. Our motto is that we are in the city for His glory!

At the moment, some of the ways in which we are seeking to fulfill this aim are the following:

Church Planting in the City

Projects already launched and underway:

New Initiatives:

Works of Compassion and Justice for the City

Programs to Engage the Heart, Mind and Imagination of the City

The work is definitely not over.

Athens is truly a city that needs to be reached with the gospel… again!

For more information, contact:

First Church:

Rev. Giotis Kantartzis (First Church) (Exarcheia Church)

First Greek Evangelical Church is a Presbyterian Church which belongs to the Greek Evangelical Synod, a family of about 30 churches all over Greece. In the past few years we have developed close ministry relations and cooperation with MTW and RUF.